Pete is incredible. On time, job was quickly done, and he is a kind gentleman. I'm hesitant of letting anyone in my home when I'm alone and I was so comfortable with him it was a great experience. We had a leaky toilet and had no idea what was wrong. I called, Pete answered, and gave me a few things it could be, a range of the costs, and we made an appointment for the next day. Luckily, it was a quick fix and as he worked, he let me look over his shoulder as I had never seen a toilet get fixed and was interested. Of the prices he quoted me over the phone, he charged me the least of them and I was really happy. Please, if you have a pipe problem of any kind, call Pete. He is very knowledgeable, kind, and gives a great quote! I'll be calling him again if necessary.

★★★★★ | Holli N.

Pete is fantastic! He was able to install new pipes under our kitchen sink and installed a new garbage disposal. He did excellent work! He has done work for other family members and was recommended to us and we couldn't be happier. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a plumber in the future.

★★★★★ | Sabrina C.

He got it done really quickly for a fair price. I had a piping emergency and he squeezed me in that day. Just call him.

★★★★★ | Christine C.

We use Pete service and are not disappoint. He car in late in the afternoon, and was punctual. In short, he fixed the clog, his price was fair, and response time is great.

★★★★★ | Kwee K.

Then in 2018-2019, there was an issue involving the main line at the condo complex and its plumber, Above All, had sent plumber after plumber with no resolution. I finally brought in Pete to check my area to make sure it wasn't on my side. Pete cleared and advised me a clog was a distance out. Nevertheless, his clearing helped quite a bit. Pete is honest, reasonable, resolves issues and will inform clients of the problem. He's the best in the Fremont!

★★★★★ | Pama M.

My front yard inlet water pipe burst out, splash like a fountain. Pete fixed the pipe, really good work and the work quality show his experience... very solid, highly recommend.

★★★★★ | Shirly W.

Mother-in-law arrives for a visit ...... downstairs toilet overflows! Microwave sounds like a 747 taking off! Are you kidding me!

Check Yelp for a plumber, 2 companies top the list. I pick Pete's.

Communication was great! Very friendly, professional experience! Very reasonable as well! He snaked the bathroom toilet and offered advice for an occasional leak at the toilet.

He also resolved our dishwasher drain issue at the top of our sink.

$110! Thanks fellow yelpers! We'll call him again for ANY plumbing issues.

The microwave .. my mother-in-law bought us a new one! She's awesome!

★★★★★ | Eric J.

Peter is so good and professional. After the job was done, i immediately ran to my computer rated his business 5 starts.

First off, Peter is extremely knowledgeable. He has been in the trade for long time.
Besides he is able to get the job done, he knows the theory behind the science how things work.

He came in on time and and gave many tips for the homeowner how to handle plumbing issues.

i'm sure to keep his business contact. Thank you many times !!!

★★★★★ | Joe

Thankful I found Pete's Pipes & Rooter cleaning when a problem occurred with sewer water backing up into the shower & bathtub. He called to get information & showed up shortly after. He was able to solve my problem & his price was reasonable.

★★★★★ | Arlene K.

Pete came over on Friday 7/7/17 and took care of our clogging standing shower drain issue! He is truly the best in the business. We couldn't understand what was wrong with the drain and why it was clogging and we even saw drain flies. It's been happening for months now but it would go away. It was already there when we moved in 2 years ago! But it progressively got worse to the point where the water took forever to drain away. Anyway. Pete is very professional and knowledgeable. He explained to us the situation. Now we know who to call to the rescue. Thank You Pete.

★★★★★ | L N.