An Easier Way to Dispose of Food Scraps

Turn to a garbage disposal installation company in Fremont, Newark & Union City, CA

Garbage disposals are great for getting rid of unwanted leftovers, expired food, and discarded peels. But we often take our disposal for granted-until it becomes clogged or stop working altogether.

Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning in Fremont, Newark & Union City, CA is an experienced garbage disposal installation company that wants to keep your disposal running smoothly. "Use it, don't Abuse it."

Tip #1: Run Disposal Regularly
Tip #2: Use Cold Water
Tip #3: Run Disposal Longer
Tip #4: Cut Waste into Small Pieces
Tip #5: Do not run anything acidic through the disposer

Call today to have a professional garbage disposal installation company install or repair your garbage disposal.

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Enjoy the convenience of a reliable garbage disposal

A lot of things can cause your garbage disposal to jam or malfunction. At Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning, our comprehensive garbage disposal repair service can resolve a variety of common issues, such as:

  • Leaks in the grinding chamber or drain pipes.
  • Food or debris jammed in the grinding chamber.
  • Broken blades, grinding motor or fuse.

Speak with our local garbage disposal installation company today to learn more about our installation and repair services in Fremont, Newark & Union City, CA.