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Turn to a professional faucet repair company in Fremont, Newark & Union City, CA

Leaky or broken faucets can cause major problems in your bathroom or kitchen, especially if the issue is behind your wall or under your counter. But you don't have to demolish your entire bathroom just to fix a leak. Instead, call Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning in Fremont, Newark & Union City, CA. We provide a mess-free leaky faucet repair service that won't involve tearing into your wall.

From cracked water pipes to leaking faucet valves, we can replace any part of your sink, shower or tub faucets. Contact our local faucet repair company today to learn more.

local plumber for faucet repair in Fremont, CA

Got a leak? Let us take a peek.

When you're dealing with a broken faucet or valve, you don't have time for guesswork. Hire a faucet repair company with the knowledge and experience needed to get started right away on your faucet repairs. Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning offers emergency plumbing repairs any time of day or night to stop damaging leaks from ruining your home or office.

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